Resource Folder

Hi everyone,
i'm wondering if i can make a resource folder that will be created when the module is started to be reference to the material

What kind of resources/what's your ultimate goal?

The recommended pattern is to create a folder in the data directory (GatewayContext.getSystemManager().getDataDir(), in the modules folder, using your module's ID as the folder name. That folder will be retained in gateway backups (pretty sure) and can be safely used to store arbitrary resources.


I apologize for my delayed response; I appreciate your understanding.
I want to create a dedicated folder to store resources, such as images, for use in a Perspective component. For example, I would like to reference an image like this

├── Resources
│ └── img.png
├── anotherFolder
│ └── file.txt
└── ...

<img src="/system/Resources/img.png" alt="Image" />

Webdev module is not free module though, I suggest you to add a blob server by creating a module, that is how we did.

This is the module development category, so module-based solutions are implied. Any module can register a servlet class to offer arbitrary resources to web clients.


You don't even have to set up the servlet yourself.

Implement getMountedResourceFolder on your GatewayModuleHook and we'll automatically serve requests to a specific root URL path to a resource folder inside your module jar(s) in the appropriate scope.