Resource Notes Panel

I can right click on a window and add a note and recall it when right clicking on the window and choosing note again. There is a Resource Notes panel selection under View>Panels in the designer. Can someone provide an overview of its intention? Is this intended to be global project notes, or the same notes as the open window in the designer that are displayed by right clicking on the window?

If I add a note to the notes panel and close and reopen the panel, the note is recalled. If I add a note to the notes panel then close and reopen the project, the note is gone. If I add a note to the notes panel and then view a window note via right click, the resource panel is just grey when it is called up again. :confused:

The reason it is a panel is because Windows and Transaction Groups use them to store notes. The project as a whole doesn’t have notes so technically you should only be able to open it from the right click menu of either a window or group.