ResourceNamingException: Cannot add child

I’m messing around with project inheritance in v8.1 and I can’t open one of my projects now, and I don’t understand the error message or how to fix it.

IllegalArgumentException: com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.project.resource.ResourceNamingException: Cannot add child 'ignition/named-query/Payroll/Cutting' to parent 'ignition/named-query/payroll'
	caused by ResourceNamingException: Cannot add child 'ignition/named-query/Payroll/Cutting' to parent 'ignition/named-query/payroll'

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Turns out I had a named query folder named payroll in both the project and the inherited project. This wasn’t intentional, but I thought that it would override those resources instead of throwing an exception.

Oh well, I removed the inheritance, removed the duplicate folder, added the inheritance back, and it opened fine.

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