Responsive page base on performance (FPS)


I'd like to adjust my setting base on the runtime FPS for each client, so I wonder how can I get FPS in perspective.
As some devices is limited CPU power it is critical to lower effect to have good user experience. In the other hand if the device is capable, it is waste to not have animations and effect

There isn't going to be anything concreet like that for browers.
With javascript you have a bit info like:
The navigator.hardwareConcurrency read-only property returns the number of logical processors available to run threads on the user's computer.
And (on newer version of chrome)
The deviceMemory read-only property of the Navigator interface returns the approximate amount of device memory in gigabytes.

But that doenst really say that much...
You could run a sort of loop/timer on load to track performance. But that also wont be very accurate.

Just have a setting where users can turn it on or off.