Responsive perspective pages questions

I didn’t want to clutter the screenshots thread, but I wanted to ask a few things.
I understand if it is a trade secret. @nader.chinichian

You said how embedded views are very slow in Ignition. I am using tons of Flex containers.
Your note says to use XY containers for the embedded views.

  1. Do you avoid flex containers in general as well? Or just in the case of embedding views?

  2. For links on your pages and navigation, what do you recommend?

  3. When you said you edit the svgs, what kind of edits do you mean?

I saw these notes in the thread about the screenshots.

In general using flex is much easier for developer if you want to create form or dashboard and I will ise it too.
But in general it use more CPU usage compare to XY con…
When I create P&ID diagram with embedded view as symbol I saw flex box is slow loading compared to xy.
So for q1 no I use flex too
2 flex

3 when import SVG into perspective there are a lot of property of it, I simply add my own property or edit those. One of the most important is style