Responsive Web Design for mobil devices

Is there a way to make it more user-friendly navigation for a mobile client, similar to the guidelines of Responsive Web Design?

Deploy your own backend with the WebDev module or wait for the upcoming Perspective module in Ignition v8.

But i want to develop a HMI that fits any size of a device móvil or client similar a responsive design, and according to the documentation of the WebDev module in this I can host web pages,
can I also develop an HMI with the ability to do resposive designer?

Yes, but there’s nothing really here on IA’s forums about responsive web design–even with the mobile module, Ignition isn’t really (yet) a browser-based client interface. You have to choose a technology that can be served from the WebDev module, supplying dynamic data as needed via backend services. WebDev simply enables this – you are otherwise on your own.

Or wait for Perspective in v8.

ReactJS is the best platform to build mobile client and responsive web apps. You can practice and play with this boiler plate code to build React apps with Ignition historian/TG until Ignition Perspective is released.

Thanks for your collaboration, then the only way is to create a web page with the WebDev module with the design of the project HMI taking the data of the devices created in ignition. Or is there a way to modify some project file to give the HMI the ability to be a response desing?

Just wait like, 3 or 4 months. Then there will be a great solution for this.

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Responsive design is a browser display question, not a server-side technology question. Yes, the WebDev module can deliver HTML, CSS, and JS that yields a responsive page on the client side. The WebDev module just serves pages, whether static or dynamic, per the project configuration and scripts you write. The “responsive” part would depend entirely on what you cause the WebDev module to deliver.

If by “project file” you mean current Ignition client windows (the Vision module) prepared in the designer, no. Those aren’t web technologies at all.

Or wait a few months for Perspective in v8. And design new windows in Perspective instead of Vision.


Only question is does SCADA kind of application really require that kind of high Interactivity like an e-commerce web site and application to call for a full fledged client site framework like REACT or VUE or Angular? It would be an overkill in my opinion. If at all frameworks are required, just jquery MVC type interface is good enough for SCADA like interface I think. But of course the frameworks make the interface device-independent and dynamically adaptive (responsive) to any screen size and layout, which is a huge advantage in today’s mobile predominant world.

Lets wait for and watch Ignition v8!

Without mobile client capability, one can not survive in business today. I am sure, nobody is going to run a plant with mobile interface. But when a CEO wants to know the stock status from the airport or an expert wants to give some technical support to the maintenance team or you want to run a smart city, manage thousands of manpower and generate revenue by providing HA services to 1000’s of clients, mobile access with KPI and plant data is inevitable. You have to select a massively scalable platform. Otherwise, it will become a school boy’s project.

Above all, you have to align your business with some proven leaders(aka sharks) to keep your stock value in good position and pay back the investors. In case, Ignition releases a humble “jquery MVC type interface” as you mentioned, what impact will it have on their stock value?. Peanuts?. Whereas, launch of “ReactJS client for Ignition” will grab the attention of Mark Zuckerberg, millions of FB users and their stock value will shoot up.