Restart a Tag from Script

Hi, My configuration is I have a TAG server and a HMI server (both with redundancy) connected via Gateway network. All my field devices are connected to TAG server and am accessing them through Realtime tag providers on the HMI server. All my field devices are connected using Modbus TCP driver and have corresponding configurations imported through .csv files.

Now, I have a multiple instances of a UDT in the tag provider referencing the field devices. I am trying to disable an internal UDT within my main UDT after initializing the main UDT instance. I am able to do so by writing “0” to “{udttagpath}.Enabled” from an expression of toggle switch in perspective (The same issue occurs when i try disabling the Internal UDT from the tag browser in Designer). When I do so the internal UDT is being disabled but since the tags within the internal UDT are already subscribed to OPC server, Ignition is still trying to send requests to read tag values.

I tried to restart the main UDT instance from the tag browser in designer, but it gives me error saying “Bad_Unsupported”. I checked if this is because of a privilege restriction on tag provider, but I am able to read or write to the tags as necessary…

Please suggest a solution for this, so when I disable/enable the UDT all internal tags quality should go into “Bad_Disabled” and it should stop the subscription.

Can you to Config Page > OPC Quick Client. From table, browse through paths and locate the tag that is having this problem and subscribe. (Use that like S).

Can you post the subscription? Like

Then I would try to remove subscription manually with the

I am not having issues from the gateway. The issues I am having are from the designer. I am unable to restart the tag and disabling the tag from a script is not disabling the tag subscription.

Designer doesn’t contain tags. The gateway does.