Restart gateway event script timer

Hi everyone,

can anybody help me if there is a way to disable and enable gateway event scrip timer with script or with nay other way (restart gate way even script timer).
i have an issue that is, i am updating an internal tag and other external tags with the current date and time for every 5 sec, this is sooper cool and i am able to write script that for every 5 sec using gateway event script timer, here comes the issue that is for example my client modifies the system time manually this scripts blocks for the amount of time that my tag date and time is equal to the system time and then the timer starts, i need to over come this issue even if the system time is modified manually.
so i could not update the tag as the timer stop to execute if i move or modify my clock forward or backward, i happens to restart only after disabling the timer and then enabling it back.
so i need a solution to this problem.

please help me.

Have your client configure NTP on your server to keep its time accurate. I’m not sure about Windows implementations of NTP, but on Linux, NTP will slew the system clock over several minutes to make corrections, instead of a sudden adjustment. And will calibrate the system’s oscillator to keep the time accurate. Changing time zones or setting/clearing Daylight Savings does not change the underlying UTC time that Ignition uses, so those are no excuse.