Restore backup/ cannot log on to the gateway

I changed the user source for authentication on the gateway page and the roles that are allowed for the homepage, gateway, status, designer and global resource in our testenvironment.
New Authentication method is Active Directory/ Hybrid; old value was default.

After this change I wasnt able to logon anymore. I tried using my AD account but get the message
Login failed. The username or password you entered is incorrect. Insufficient privileges to view this page.

Luckily there is a backup made each day.
However it seems the only way to restore is by logging onto the gateway :confused:

Anybody ideas to restore the backup or other way to resolve this issue?

Ignition version 7.7.rc1

On the PC running the gateway, you can use the Gateway Utility to reset the username/password back to default. To avoid this in the future, I recommend using ‘default’ as the backup Authentication until you can get things sorted out. with AD/Hybrid :slight_smile:

thanks this worked ! :slight_smile:

I did a quick edit to my post for other recommendations 'til you get things sorted. :slight_smile:

This is what I did for my system. Also added an extra user with ‘admin’ rights in the default. This way, you can still have a way to get to Ignition, even if you AD server goes down. Been there! :unamused:

Yes tnx for your input :slight_smile:
The issue that I am facing now is that I assigned roles to the gateway, designer, status, home en global resource, but the users we collect via AD/ Database Hybrid dont have any roles.
This caused me not being able to logon.
When creating a new authentication profile name hybrid we do see a new created table
or at least a table where the user of that table are mentioned named scada_users.
In the Authentication profile of adhybrid you cannot edit the users and or roles.

Any ideas to make this work?

There is a “User Management” component for such things. You’ll also need to check that the “Allow User Admin” Checkbox is checked in the Gateway Config.