Restore from 7.9.9 to 8.0.2

I just installed ignition 8.0.2 and I want to do a restore of ignition 7.9.9 to 8.0.2. When opening a backup project, it opens as if it were windowed and not as full screen as it was its property before the restore. in the same way, even if the startup properties change, it still appears in windowed mode.

I wait for your help

Probably just need to adjust the settings in the client launcher since some of that got updated. In the top right corner there is a button to trigger a drop down. If you select manage from that list, there is a ‘Window Mode’ option under there.

Once updated you should be able to create an icon using the ‘create shortcut’ action on the right side. Might need to save before creating it to make sure that setting updates.

You may want to look at ( if you have not already seen): regarding what will be different in the new system.
and ( this covers 8.02 also, just skip to page 3 )- note the new security changes.
As others have reminded me, there is also:
Please do not consider me an expert, I am working on the courses for Ignition 8 and just collected this info during and after completion of the modules ( not a final test ) for Ignition 7.9. Much of it is in the support section under manuals ( online or download ) in appendix sections.
The other gentleman (grietveld) has answered your question about restoration; yet I thought that you might want to ensure you have a copy of 7.9.9 and the project(s) on a separate machine for comparison.

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