Restore from tape bcakup

We are running Ignition 7.1.4 and MSSQL 2008 on the same server. We lost power to our facility last week and our server had major problems. Here is the process IT used to recover.

Lost power 11/12/2010
Restore from Ghost image dated 9/17/2010.
Restore MSSQL from backup dated 11/9/2010

What IT did not realize is that the Ignition project data and settings were not restored. He has a taped backup of the hard drive from 11/9/2010 that contains all of my changes. My questions are:

What files do I need from the backup tape?
What is the restore procedure in a case like this?

Thank you.

The internal database is stored in “{ignition install directory}\contexts\main\db”. Really all you need to do is get that DB folder, shutdown your current gateway, replace it, and start it up.

I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to install the current version of Ignition. Version 7.1.4 had some problems with the internal database system that we use.

That’s it- everything outside of the “db” folder is platform specific, or non-crucial (ie. the data cache data files which will be re-created).