Restore local gateway projects

Is it possible to restore local gateway projects after done PC reformat. Because I forgot to backup my latest projects and did not enable the auto backup in gateway settings, because my PC accidentally encountered fatal error, so I reformat it, and after that I installed Ignition again and all of project was gone.

Any suggestions/comments thanks in advance
:blush: :cry: :cry:

Well, if you reformatted the drive, then you’re pretty well hosed. :frowning:

Ignition does still make it’s own backups internally that can be found at {Install Dir}\contexts\main\db\autobackup that can help you get out of a jam, but you would have had to grab those before reformating.

Hi Jordan,
I forgot to take a backup of my gateway backup when I restored another Gateway and lost old project and gateway backup.
Is there anyway I can have my old project and gateway? ( Else I have to do my 3 days work again).

I have these file in autobackup folder. How to restore the latest?