Restore options don't work

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In Ignition 8.0.9, the options that are proposed when you restore a backup do not work. I marked “Restore Disabled” and “Override Gateway Name” and they had no effect. After restoring, the Gateway name was the same as the original and the connections (databases and OPC) were enabled.


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I think this was a known issue. It didn’t make it in for 8.0.9, but it looks like it got in on the nightlies.

Then, will it be solved soon?

First I want to point out that the forum post listed above is from 2019 and would not be relevant here at this time.

Second, I was unable to replicate the issue. I tested with an 8.0.9 Backup with an 8.0.9 Gateway as well as an 8.0.7 Backup with an 8.0.9 Gateway. Both times, all items were disabled appropriately and the Gateway was renamed accordingly.

Could you please provide more background information in regards to what version of Ignition the backup is from? What OS? Did you try more than once? Any other information that may be helpful and relevant would be greatly appreciated.

Also, did you look in the logs to see if there were any errors in relation to the restore?

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EDIT : Nevermind. I don’t have enough coffee in me. Coulda sworn that was more recent.

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I restored a backup of Ignition 8.0.7 on a clean installation of version 8.0.9. I did it on a machine with Windows Server 2016 and on a machine with Windows 10. In both cases the problem occurred.
I didn’t notice the logs.

Could my backup be corrupt? Is there a tool to analyze a backup?

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Contact support. This forum isn’t an official support venue.

What’s most likely happening, as David mentioned, is an error restoring your gateway backup (which would go into the logs), which then causes the gateway to stop the restoration process and keep its original state.

All tags, projects, connections and configuration are restored correctly. However, no item were disabled appropriately and the Gateway doesn’t were renamed accordingly.

How can I filter the logs to locate an error during the restoration process?

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I found these errors in the logs:

You really just need to contact support. What you’re describing is basically impossible - all of the configuration of your server resides in one file - so either it’s restoring, or it isn’t.

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