Restoring Alarm Journal & Audit Log before Sync

We're currently experiencing issues with Alarm & Audit syncing on our Linux edge devices running 8.1.26. As a temporary measure, we've disabled data sync for alarm and audit, and we plan to roll back to version 8.1.20 before re-enabling it.

To avoid losing alarm and audit logs on the current edge gateway, we need to consider that downgrading on Linux through the installer is not possible. Instead, we must install a fresh version of Ignition. I assume the alarm and journal data are stored on disk, and we could copy the files out and back in after the upgrade.

Is this a viable solution? What are the names of these files and where on disk are they located?

For those needing access to the alarm journal and audit logs on a Linux edge device, they are located here:


It's important to note that executing a gateway restore operation will overwrite these folders. To preserve the data, you should copy the folders to your home directory before making any changes. Once your modifications are complete, place the folders back while the service is shut down. After restarting the service, your system should be operational with the preserved data.

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