Restoring Demo project

When trying to restore the demo project IAdemo.gwbk i get a ignition Context not running displayed in the browser tab and a continuous looping Gateway Status: STARTING message.Any thoughts.
Also can the demo be configured for MSSQL instead of MySQL?Thanks.

First thing to check: that “starting” screen has some problems continuing in Internet Explorer. If you’re using IE, try going directly to the address “http://localhost:8088” several times.

Beyond that, in the “logs” directory under the install dir, there is a file called “wrapper.log” which contains all of the logging output. If you post (attach) it here we might be able to see what’s going on. You can also email it to support.

I’m not sure if we have a SQL Server version of the db. I think I remember someone working on it, but I’ll have to ask around.


tried to backup my projects and then restore them and get the same results as restoring the demo project .I have included the wrapper.log file.Thanks
wrapper.log (3.43 MB)

It looks like the gateway is starting up correctly. I would try connecting from another web browser, or editing the address bar to try to go directly to the root address, as I mentioned before.

When starting up, you can open the wrapper.log file in a text editor, and see the progress (of course, you’ll have to reload to see changes). Ultimately, if it gets to a state where it says it’s “RUNNING”, you should be able to get to the gateway home page.

If nothing works, I recommend calling in to support and let them take a look.