Restoring from backup onto new gateway - component translations did not transfer


We’ve recently migrated from the 7.9.4 version to the 7.9.16. Also OS changed from 2012 R2 to 2019.

The migration itself went smoothly more or less, however, recently I’ve discovered the component translations did not transfer. Simply as that - what was translated to our mother tongue by component translation on the old gateway is no more on the new gateway. See the screenshot. What is on the screenshot translated (source: old gateway) on the new gateway is empty, blank, on the same component on the new gateway.

Is this by design, please? Is there some process of migrating the component translations separately? What was translated by Global translation is in place as expected. We’re speaking hundreds if not thousands of components missing translation.
Any advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance, take care.

I would definitely expect the translations to transfer. You might want to contact support and have them take a look at your logs to see what happened.

Greetings Kathy,

thank you for your prompt reply. The old gateway still exists (although shut down), so there is enough resources to troubleshoot from. I turned to support.

Have a great day,

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