Restoring loss of data to the Central Gateway

Hi, what will be the proper setup/design if I want the historical data from the plant Gateway be restored (automatically) to our Central Gateway when there is a loss of connection link?

Found this link but not working in our system. Wide Area SCADA – Central Database - Ignition's System Architectures

Plant Gateway is connected to the RTUs and other IEDs in the plant.

Central Gateway is located in the Central Dispatch which is in different location of that of Plant Gateway. Central Gateway and Plant Gateway is connected via private WAN or private Internet.

When there is a loss of connection link between Central Gateway and Plant Gateway, Central Gateway could not retrieved the historical data from the Plant Gateway after link was restored. Thank you in advance.

Was a tag history splitter set up at the plant to push history to the central gateway? With store-and-forward enabled? That is the core configuration for the functionality you desire.