Restoring Projects

Please, help!

Someone apparently uninstalled Igntion Designer from my computer and now there’s no projects avaiable on my web browser.
I didnt export any of the projects and now I’m worried I’m gonna lose all my work. Can someone confirm if there is a way to restore the projects even if the app was uninstalled? Or if the projects don’t get deleted with the uninstall.

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean they uninstalled Ignition all together?

Either way, you should just call support and not touch anything. I’m pretty sure the uninstaller leaves a copy of the internal DB in whatever location Ignition was installed, so hopefully you can just restore that.


I would do like @Kevin.Herron said and call support, they were able to fix a similar issue for me in the past.

For what it is worth though, Ignition saves backups regularly in \Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\db\autobackup

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Autobackups would be deleted by an uninstall, but there should be a copy of the data files placed ‘next to’ the original location, as Kevin mentioned (if Windows, the path would be something like C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data_<uninstall_timestamp>).

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I found that backup folder that you told me. Now how do I get the projects back with that backup folder? Just reinstalling should bring all the configurations and projects back?

Sorry about the stupid questions. I’m kind of panicking.



  1. Reinstall Ignition, the same or a higher version than the one that was uninstalled.
  2. Shut down the Ignition service, or choose not to start it during the install.
  3. In the /data_<timestamp> folder there should be a db/ directory - copy the config.idb file out of this directory.
  4. Place the copied config.idb file into the actual data/db/ directory.
  5. Start the service.

If everything went correctly, you should now be back to the exact same state you were in when Ignition was uninstalled - all projects, tags, DB connections, etc restored.

If you are uncertain about the process, or run into any problems, I’ll go ahead and echo the previous comments mentioning calling into support.

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Also make sure you copy the backup folder somewhere safe before you do anything :slight_smile:


It worked, thanks a LOT to all of you.