Restrict user on gateway

Can we retrict number of users access for particular license on gateway and how we can achieve that is any information about this plz forward

The only reliable way to control the users connecting is to have a startup script in every Vision project that checks the local environment (mac IDs, etc.) to see if it is whitelisted. Then also check the output of getSessionInfo() to catch double clients on the same machine.

any link to refer this in detail

Client events are described here.

thank you sir, for answering!!

Wait… this is for module development?

You can restrict RPC any way you like if you include the session and project information in the creation of the RPC object you deliver in the Gateway Hook. You can also include a Client Hook that performs the same operations as a client startup script. That’s even more secure, as it cannot be bypassed by anything done in the designer.

ok, and i also wanted to detail infomation about module licensing and getting license file and how we can implement for our own developed sdk module ?

To use Ignition’s licensing system with your own modules, you’ll need to first talk to your sales contact to join that program, which will be tied to a specific module ID prefix. Mine is com.automation_pros, for example. You’ll then get an email with an API key and further logistical instructions.

See the SDK docs for what you need within your module to verify licensing.