Restricting Client Access to HMI Windows

Hi all

New here, and looking for some guidance on best way to implement some functionality we required. I’ve had a good look through the manual and forum and can’t quite find what I’m looking for so far so would appreciate the support.

We have a project with several clients physically located in different process areas of our plant. Currently the system allows access to all HMI windows for the whole facility from any client.

Is it possible to restrict access to a particular sub-set of windows so that operators can only access the set of windows applicable to the physical location of the client e.g. to avoid operator on unit/train A accidentally operating unit/train B.

Of course the windows have been designed such that the graphics are clearly marked with location but I’m looking for a systematic way to prevent access to avoid putting it on the operator in the first place.

Do you have a list of users that will always be in only one of either of the locations? As in, is Operator1 always dealing with TrainA and Operator2 always dealing with TrainB? If so, you can set up security zones and configure view permissions to only allow operators of a certain area to open those views.

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