Restricting PowerChart access more than one folder

I want to give power chart access to two different folders in the root folder.
My tag folder structrure is something like this:

PowerChart should show Folder1 and Folder3 in the tag tree.
Is there any way of doing this?

Moving all the tags that I want to give access to into a new folder, seems like a daunting task. Maybe possible with some find and replace magic.

Only other workaround i could think of was making a dropdown, and then a property binding from ../Dropdown.props.value to tagBrowserStartPath.
In the dropdown i have Folder1 to "histprov:mySQL:/drv:Gateway:tagProvider:/tag:Folder1"
and the same for Folder2.

Unfortunally it gives me this result when loading the page.
After selecting the folder in the dropdown menu, the root mySQL disappears, and im greeted with just the tags in the folder.

Not ideal, any ideas? :slight_smile:

I have also noticed that the security settings you make on the tag has 0 impact on the history.
Everyone can access the history if they type in the correct tag path. I think this is pretty bad design.

Hello Simen,

So with the PowerChart > props.config.tagBrowserStartPath, you can only filter the start path to one specific level/node. You cannot specify the two different folders and exclude the rest like you wanted. The workaround would be like you tested with having a dropdown and allowing the users to select the Folder1 or Folder2. Then manipulate your tagBrowserStartPath from the dropdown selection.

Your filter appears correct "histprov:mySQL:/drv:Gateway:tagProvider:/tag:Folder1"
I used histprov:CoreDB:/drv:testGW:default:/tag:sensor 1 and this filtered down to my udt/folder just fine. Was there a typo by chance?

Where are you editing the tag paths? You can disable the props.visibility.showPenControlDisplay to prevent users from editing the tag paths used for tag history.

What you're seeing with dynamic start path is a recurrent issue. Sadly, there's no clean way to fix it.
If you refresh the tag browser, it should show the correct folder. But on first load... it won't.
You could force a page refresh when first loading the power chart, but it's not super clean as you'll get a blue loading page.
I just ended up hard coding the start path... which won't work in your situation.

Maybe you could have 2 powercharts with hardcoded start paths, and hide/display them depending on the selection in your dropdown ? It's still not super clean, but it should not be visible on the front end.
Also, if you change the settings on one of them, the other one won't be automatically updated to use the same settings. But this can be done programmatically, shouldn't be too hard, even if it adds complexity to the project...

But did you put that path in directly, or with a binding ? The whole issue lies with bindings.

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Like pascal says, the issue lies with the bindings to the dropdown. It is only the first time the page is loading. If I refresh the tag browser or just F5 the whole page, the issue goes away.

The reason im doing this is because one project has 14 different sites, each with its own PowerChart. The customer wants a "master powerchart" to compare trends from the different sites. Unfortunately it is going to be a mess because we still dont have trend tag alias. So PT1 from site1 and PT1 from site2 will be added to the chart with the same name :woozy_face:

My tag provider has historian tags that the customer should not have access to. In hindsight that might be a design fault here. I started using ignition one year ago, and didnt know that tag security with read only roles does not affect history.

That just removes the bottom window.
I am editing the tag path here, under settings->pens->edit pens->Tag Path:
The syntax for other projects/customers is not to hard to figure out for the users.
Is it possible to remove just this one? Would be a bit silly to remove the whole edit pen section, then the users cant change axis, plot, etc.

For your Power Chart's tagBrowserStartPath property, right click > enable Persistent. This will ensure the binding triggers each time a session is launched with a value.

And no, there isn't a way to only remove the small Data portion with the Tag Path. It is all or nothing at this time. You can submit a feature request to have more functionality like this here.

Thanks @plo I had forgotten about the persistent function! That did the trick.
Wish there was a better function sort the menu tree, and restrict access with roles and integrated security. But i guess this is all i can do for now :slight_smile:

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You can inject css to hide that part specifically. That's what I did.
The user can still bring it back by fiddling with the css with the browser tools, but it's not as obvious.

Or I guess you could even try to inject javascript with the markdown component to completely remove it ?

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