Restriction by user to export POWER CHART

How can I restrict that a user cannot export or print in POWER CHART? (When in POWER CHART you are in HISTORICAL not REALTIME)
When a user specifies this login I want to make the icon disappear with “props.config.visibility.buttons.showMoreButton”

¿Como puedo restringir que un usuario no pueda exportar o imprimier en POWER CHART? (Cuando en POWER CHART estas en HISTORICAL no REALTIME)
Cuando un usuario especifico este logeado quiero hacer desaparecer el icono con “props.config.visibility.buttons.showMoreButton”

As of version 8.1.2 there is an option for visibility

but it has to be linked to a user.
If you are a JUAN user, the icon disabled, but if you are another user, the icon is enabled

Note that you won’t really be able to prevent printing or taking a screen snapshot. If a user can see it in their browser, you no longer have control over what they do with it.

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I know, but I don’t know how you can specify that when a specific user is logged in, the icon disappears

I would create an expression binding using isAuthorized on that property.

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