Retain the window components after resize or ZOOM IN/OUT


I have screen design in Vision mode, which contains tables and left navigation and docked window(Top).
After launching, when I maximize window or resize, it closing the components.

after I resize the window components in the window is closing. after resize also I want my component to be display full

Please suggest

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Use the following procedure:
• Right click on the table
• Select 'Layout'
• Switch the radio button from 'Relative' to 'Anchored'
• Select only the top and left anchor points

Thank you,
But I have done the same settings, but tables ae closing when I drag the window from right to left.
I need the component to display fully like How we use Flex in Perspective mode.

A component anchored to all four sides will expand and contract with its containing window.

There are no layout systems as powerful as flex/grid/etc in Perspective for Vision, but directly or indirectly with grouping and anchoring most things are possible.