Retaining Client screen user selection even after switching screens

Hellow all,
I need to preserve the data in a report which is based on the user’s selection through drop down filter.Now in some cases , I want to retain the user selections even after the screen is changed. Hence when I come back to this same screen, I will be able to see the report with my previous filter.Is there a solution available for this?

What kind of user source are you using? I use a database user source and normally I put things I want saved for the user across screens/sessions in there so that I can easily retrieve it. I do this a lot with dropdown settings just as in your case.

If you don’t need it to persist from session to session, you can use client tags.

The database angle works for Vision/Perspective. If you need it for perspective, use a session custom property instead of a client tag.


The prior response is accurate. The common approaches for persisting data through navigation actions in the sessions/clients would be either Vision Client Tags or Session Properties. The database route is also a good option.