Retarget applet

I’m trying to use a button to open a different ignition project that is run in a web page.

I’ve created an html webpage to host project 1 applet.
I’ve also created an html webpage to host project 2 applet.

The reason for the html pages is to make the applet size dynamic and resize to the actual size of the browser window. This works well.

The problem I now have is that I want to open one project from the other. I can do this using the system.util.retarget() command, but it opens the destination project in it’s default applet page which isn’t dynamic.

This works but is the wrong page:

This doesn’t work:
The error I get is this:

Does anyone know of a way to open the destination Project in a custom html page?


Ok, I can answer my own questions.

Instead of using system.util.retarget() I’ve now used this and it works well:“”)