Retarget from an Ignition project to an FPMI project

Is is possible to retarget from an Ignition project to an FPMI project?
Should i use fpmi.system.retarget or system.util.retarget?
I get the following error either way
“Error launching application:
HttpResponseException: 404: /system/launchmf/C”
I cant see the full error. It comes in an error message box.

In the user manual it says
“String gatewayAddress - The address of the Gateway that the project resides on. If omitted, the current Gateway will be used. Format is: “host:httpPort:sslPort/contextName” [optional]”

How do i find out the context name of the FPMI project?
I have specified the IP Address and port only.

This isn’t possible.

You could use the function to open the jnlp on the FPMI project and close yourself afterwards, but this would not be as seemless as retargeting and would not transfer credentials.