Retrieve a view property's binding via an expression?

Say I have a custom property on a Perspective view that has an indirect binding. I’d like to retrieve the “result” of this indirect binding in an expression. Is this possible?

Here is a more concrete example, just in case I’m not phrasing that question well enough. I have a view that has a boolean custom property. This custom property is bound to a boolean OPC tag via an indirect binding. I would like to reference the tag that view custom property is bound to in an expression binding on a component’s property. Is this possible? If so, how would I accomplish this?

This may not be exactly what you’re wanting, but if you need the value, just pull in the property. Don’t worry about the tag.

I actually want to check the resulting tag’s quality in the expression, so as far as I know now, I need the full tag’s path to do that.

The quality of the property should be the quality of the tag, if it’s using a tag binding with no other intermediaries. Does {} work?

It’s not working unless I’m doing something else wrong. I’m binding a label’s text property to the expression: ToString({view.custom.myProperty}.Quality) and I’m getting a config error stating that period is an illegal character.