Retrieve Project Properties "Client/General/Touch Screen/Scrollbar Width"


Can somebody tell me the property path to use in system.util.getProperty to retrieve the current scrollbar width setting please?

If it’s not retrievable using that function, please inform me how to retrieve it. There is a system.gui.isTouchscreenModeEnable method that retrieves the check box value above it, but I don’t see a way to retrieve the scrollbar width.

I want to use that value when setting up the spinner width on fields. The spinners are rather small for a touch screen enabled application. I did find a reference to how to hack a width change which has to be implemented on EVERY spinner field, but I don’t want to have to go back and change EVERY one when (not if) the client decides that the icons need to be a different width. Since the project wide settings for the scroll bar width is likely a good value for the spinners I’d REALLY like to use that.

Thank you,


Shows how to set it for ALL scroll bar widths.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

However, I know about how to set the scrollbar width for a project globally. If you read the question I was inquiring how to RETRIEVE the setting from a script so I can use that value for the width of the SPINNER component buttons.


from javax.swing import UIManager


Thank you again. That does retrieve the value I was looking for.

It would be nice if at minimum the spinners would do something like the drop down does with the built in arrow icons.

Oh, and just in case I wasn’t clear… The documented(non-kluge) way to set the scrollbar width for touch screen enabled projects is the setting in the project properties, not the UIManager.put(“ScrollBar.width”) method. So I was hoping that the system.util.getProperty method would be able to retrieve the configured scrollbar width and I just didn’t know the correct property name to retrieve. The don’t seem to have a complete list of property keys that method can operate on. There is a sample list in the method documentation, but that documentation leaves open the fact that there could be other property keys.