Retrieving Internal SQLTag Information

I (and others, see could really use additional read only access to the internal SQLTag DB.

I propose this access via a script function that would protect the internal DB from any harm. A candidate function patterned after “system.alert.queryAlertStatus” would look something like:

system.internalDb.querySQLTagProperties(tagPath, propName1, propName2, propName3, …)

This function would return a dataset drawing from the internal SQLTAG, SQLTAGPROP, … tables and real-time values as needed.

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, your other post reminded me of this.

You can pretty much already do this with “system.tag.getTagValue(tagPath)”. The tag path is allowed to be qualified with a property name, so you can do things like:


To read more than one, right now you’d have to loop through them, but soon (for 7.3, I believe) there will be a new “getTagValues” function that can take multiple paths.

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Hopes this thread helps others thumbing through the manual on this subject.