Retrieving Multiple Result Sets From Stored Procedure

While trying to solve a challenge presented by mortendc in the FSQL forum, I developed a proof of concept FPMI window to retrieve two result sets generated by a stored procedure and to populate two tables with them.

The IA folks may know of a more elegant/simple/direct way of doing this but the process was at least instructive to me. I thought I would just upload the window so others could benefit and possibly solicit some feedback on how to improve it.

All the work is done in the actionPerformed event of the “Get DataSets” button. I used the ODBC JDBC driver to connect to a MS SQL Server database but one could use other drivers (e.g., MySQL driver) to connect to other database engines.
MultipleRecordsets.fwin (31.8 KB)

Yeah I’ve been getting this too…probably something that has been fixed but not committed… colby?