Retrieving the currently logged in OS username from a Perspective session?

I realise that via a browser this most likely is in breach of all kinds of security protocols and hence impossible, but what about from Perspective Workstation - is this possible now (or could it be in the future)?

In Vision Java I used to use:

from java.lang import System


could be… I think it’s technically possible if you could execute code that executed in the workstation app instead of on the gateway.



doesn’t depend on an environment variable.

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The reason I ask is that a customer is wanting to “permanently” keep users logged in that log into Perspective with the same username as they log into Windows with. We do this for Vision currently and they would like the same for Perspective.
Otherwise, we log them out after a period of time.

Hmm. I’m not sure if that’s possible at the moment. Workstation is mostly untapped potential right now.

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No worries, I might add an idea request for it. Cheers for the reply!

What about an AD user source? I have one setup that uses an AD user source, and when you log into perspective the user name is available through session properties. That assumes they log into their machines with the domain credentials as well though.