Retrigger Alarm Upon Value Change

I am attempting to retrigger an alarm that is linked to an opc tag. I have this expression inside the label of the alarm:

"LHRR 130R1 Drum is " + {[default]PLC/167 Rear Door LH/Zone_2_3/130R1_Overview/Sealer Counts/LHRR130R1_PTE} + " Parts Till Empty"

I would like to use this to "count down" as the value of the tag changes on the alarm status table. For some reason whenever i set alarm mode settings "any change" to true, it does not show the alarm at all on alarm status.

I have attached a picture of the tag editor.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Juddson_Raia,

According to the user manual setting the Mode to "any change" will pair an active event with a matching cleared event so the alarm will never end up being displayed on the alarm status table.

Unfortunately, the label on the alarm event will not change unless the alarm is cleared.

I would suggest reaching out to Support Services to get some assistance on the functionality that you are trying to build for the alarm status table. You can submit a support ticket and a rep can assist you.

Here is the link: