Retrive tag definition from files on disk

Hi to everyone, i have a big problem with one installation of ignition (v 8.0.1). After i copy and past a folder containing 6 tags in the designer the gateway stopped. I tried to restart the services and the server, but the web page remain in STARTING (the CPU usage of Zulu was over 50%).
I create a copy of the ignition folder and reinstall a new version (v 8.0.17).
Unfortunatly i have no backup (so i can’t restore) and i think i lost all my tags definitions and plc connections. I was able to retrive the scripts coping the folder containing the scripts, but i was wondering if there is some way to retrive tags from the file system. Someone have any suggestione?

in the folder where config.idb resides, there should be an autobackup folder. rename or move config.idb, and try using one of the autobackups.

EDIT be sure to stop the ignition service first. :wink:

I found a solution, you can explore all the tags and configurations in the config.idb file (“C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\db”). This file can be opened with SQLite Studio. My problem was that there was 37k rows that rapresent a list of nested folder (I don’t know how…). After i deleted all these rows everythings worked again.

thanks for the advice :smiley: there was a mess in the tag TAGCONFIG table :grimacing: