Return a string without quotes

With the integer data from three tags, I need to return a combined string. I use scripting.

[code]x = [‘a’ , ‘b’ , ‘c’ , ‘d’]
y = [‘p’, ‘q’ , ‘r’ , ‘s’]

I read data from the tag,( i am not writing the code here), the integer value is stored in i,j,k

choice1 = x[i]
choice2 = y[j]
choice3 = k
total = choice1, choice2, choice3
return total [/code]

Example : I get something like this for a tag1 = 1, tag2 = 2 , tag3 =15

(‘b’ , ‘r’ , 15)

My problem is that i don’t want the brackets and quotes, I would like the output to be formatted in this way :

b r 15

Can anyone give me a sol’n. ?

I tried python website, but with no luck.

This will return the variables as one string with a space between each. If needed any of the ‘choice’ variables can be coerced to string. i.e. str(choice3).

total = ‘%s %s %s’ % (choice1, choice2, choice3)

return total

Thank you for your reply, I was able to get

b r 15

in ignition .