"return Date1 > Date2" works but "if Date1 > Date2" does not

Here’s my script:

	import re

	operators = {
			">" : (lambda x,y: x>y),
			">=" : (lambda x,y: x>=y),
			"<" : (lambda x,y: x<y),
			"<=" : (lambda x,y: x<=y),
			"==" : (lambda x,y: x==y),
			"<>" : (lambda x,y: x<>y)

	output = []
	Dataset = system.dataset.toPyDataSet(self.custom.Dataset)
	ColumnHeaders = system.dataset.getColumnHeaders(self.custom.Dataset)
	if len(value) == 0:
		output = shared.Data.datasetToJSON(self.custom.Dataset)
		for row in Dataset:
			AddRow = True
			for filter in value:
				if filter["Expression"] in [">",">=","<","<=","==","<>"]:
#					if not operators[filter["Expression"]] (row[filter["Column"]], filter["Value1"]):
					if not row[filter["Column"]] > filter["Value1"]:
						AddRow = False	
				elif filter["Expression"] == "between":
					if not eval(str(row[filter["Column"]]) >= str(filter["Value1"]) and str(row[filter["Column"]]) <= str(filter["Value2"])):
						AddRow = False
				elif filter["Expression"] == "in":
				elif filter["Expression"] == "contains":
					if not re.search(str(filter["Value"]), str(row[filter["Column"]])):
						AddRow = False
			if AddRow:
				row_object = {}
				row_value = {}
				row_style = {}
				for col in ColumnHeaders:
					row_value[col] = row[col]
				row_object["value"] = row_value
				row_object["style"] = row_style
	return output

this results in the following error:

if I try to return row[filter[“Column”]] > filter[“Value1”], it works:

I’m not sure why it can evaluate the expression when I’m returning it, but it can’t evaluate in the context of an if statement…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wanted to show what the values look like if returned on their own:

this looks like a complicate approach.
Anyways, try to use:

if not system.date.parse(str(row[filter["Column"])],'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss') > system.date.parse(str(filter["Value1"]),'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss')

The return is terminating the for loops (and the entire script) the first time it enters that first if statement. Looks like you have a NULL in your data somewhere that subsequent iterations through the for loop(s) hits.


This was it! Thank you for the quick response.

You may be able to trim some of your code by leaning on the builtin operator module.

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It looks like the operator is specified by the user at runtime… So there would need to be an operation check anyway, as far as I understand - I could be wrong.