Revcive emails

I was talking to a potential customer last night and he wanting to email the system to tell it to do stuff.
Besides the obvious security risk, is this possible?

Well, there’s absolutely nothing like this currently in the system, nor has it ever come up (besides when it comes to ways to receive and acknowledge alerts), but it is definitely something that someone could implement in a module.

How easy or hard it would be would depend on what he wanted to control, but I suspect most things would be pretty easy. Acknowledging alerts, setting tag values, etc could all be done easily through the module sdk. You’ve already noted the security risks, so I won’t get into that- but from just a technical point of view, I think it could be done.


Having seen the new mobile module, I think this use case has been solved.

Basically He was looking for a way to react to the alarm received via email on his phone. Having the ability to call up a screen and push a button to cause stuff to happen gives him much better control then just replying to a email.

Excellent, glad he was flexible.