Reverse of Triggered Transaction Group? Pulls a Record from DB Table and Populates UDT

I am storing Tags of a UDT to my DB using a Triggered Transaction group. This was a pretty painless process to store the data. I just had to drag the Tags into Group Items and I had to create a Trigger On Item tag.

Is there an easy was to do the Reverse of this Process. What is the recommended way to pull a record/row out of the DB table and map the Columns of the DB table back to Tags in my UDT.

Transaction groups can go either way. The caveat is how you select the row you pull back out.

Thanks for the TIp! I dug in some more and found a video on Updating or Inserting a New row. Its nice that a lot of the code for updating and querying the database is already created. The Recipe Video was helpful as well

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