RFID authentication in vision

Hi all. I am currently doing a project that required RFID authentication. The process would be something like this, the user is required to scan their RFID tag for authentication purpose(authentication will be done through matching with the user list stored in the database), if the authentication is successfully the system will then allow the user to carry out some sort of action. May I know is Ignition 8 capable of doing so? Thanks

Not out of the box, no. But RFID devices can be monitored via scripting or SepaSoft’s Barcode Scanner component (if the RFID unit emulates a keyboard). Your application can use the results for custom security.

Erm in this case, may I know do you guys have a plan on implementation it on Ignition?

I think when IDP support is ported for Vision that RFID/badge scanning will also be possible in Vision.

Right now it’s possible with Perspective in Ignition 8. See Badge-based Authentication Support