RFID Ignition Client Login

I’m looking into a way to manage Ignition Client logins via RFID badge scans. I’ve gathered from existing posts that I can simply read the badge string data in as keystrokes and perform a switchUser from the context of a default account. My problem is that I’m using Ignition’s Internal user source, so to perform a switch I’d need to know the username/password for the scanned ID. I thought I could implement a wrapping service for managing users/passwords. That way I could perform an ID lookup within the new service and pass the returned username/password combo through to Ignition’s authentication service.

Would this be a safe way of doing things? I’d like to avoid storing Ignition passwords in clear text within my service, and I need to keep support for standard logins via typed usernames/passwords.

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Could a module extending the Gateway internal user source accomplish this?

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Hi, How did you do this?