RFID Reader

Has anyone built an RFID reader for the Ignition software? I would like to use a mobile device like a tablet or mobile phone to read RFID tags using Ignition in all three RFID frequency ranges low frequency, high frequency, and ultra-high frequency. I am new to both RFID, Ignition, and this forum. Thanks.

Hi Don, welcome to the forums!

I’ll start with the thrust of your question. The short answer is that you’re unlikely to find one.

You would need a separate tuned antenna for each freq range. Which means a separate chipset to handle each. Then there’s the squillions of protocols… Already the headaches are mounting and it’s not even my project… :laughing:

NEC had announced something several years ago that was supposed to handle things like that, but I never found a commercial product.

Are these tags already existing, or are you starting something up from scratch? If possible, pick one freq and protocol and run with it…

Now for the initial question. Has anyone used RFID with Ignition? Why, yes!

Thanks for the feed back. You have given me a direction which is what I need to pursue my project with RFID and the Ignition program. I need to dig deeper on the RFID technology.