RFID Scanner Connection

I am trying to use the Perspective app with an RFID scanner. I have the scanner set up with * prefix and ? postfix. I added a barcode scanner input component and set the prefix/postfix accordingly. When I try testing the program, however, the input does not seem to be working.

I think the problem might be that the trigger on the RFID scanner isn't being considered a "keypress" event. Has anyone ran into this problem? Thanks.

The barcode scanner input is listening for keypress events like you said. You need to configure the scanner to operate in keyboard wedge mode.

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The scanner is in keyboard wedge mode, and when I scan into the notes app it records appropriately, showing the prefix/postfix. In preview mode, I can simulate a scan by typing with the prefix/postfix.

I tried adding a 10ms intercharacter delay, which I saw was recommended on another thread. But that didn't do the trick either. I'm a bit stumped at this point.

I'm confused on the exact problem you are having. Please be a little more specific, and I'll respond accordingly.

Sorry for the delayed response, I tried working with the company that produces the scanner and was unable to resolve my issue.

I have a "Barcode Scanner Input" component on my view which is set to look for * as a prefix and ? as a suffix. When I put the designer in preview mode and type "*abcdefg?" for example, the barcode scanner input displays "abcdefg" and includes that value as an object in it's data property.

My scanner is set to Keyboard Wedge Mode with the prefix set to * and the suffix set to ? I set up a text field to verify that it was scanning correctly. When I focus the text field and scan a barcode, it displays the barcode value with the appropriate prefix/suffix in the text field.

When I test my program with the barcode scanner input, however, the data in the barcode scanner input doesn't change. The scanner scans a barcode and beeps as usual, but the component displays no data. I also bound the data property of the component to a label component in order to verify that the data property was not updating.

For now, I am using the scan barcode event on a button and using the device's camera to scan the barcodes. This is not my preferred method because it is slower and more tedious for the user. I know I could use a focused text field, but the virtual keyboard automatically displays when the text field is focused, and I don't like the impact that has on user experience.

I have tried the program both within the Perspective app and on a browser.