RFID with rolling code

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if Ignition can handle RFID tags with rolling codes?

Our customer has given us a tag which generates a different code everytime we read from it. When assigning a badge to a user (Config > Security > Users, Roles > Manage Users > Edit) I’m limited to a fixed text field.

Not sure how to implement it, but I’m thinking the only way to currently use a rolling code would be with a external user source.


Edit: We are using the RDR-805K1AKU reader and I believe the Seos HID fob.
Edit: Potentially I may need to configure the reader to decipher the rolling code

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The rolling code tokens I’m familiar with are pseudo-random number generators where the token and the security server are “seeded” identically. The server has to maintain the current state of its paired generator to match up against the codes provided by the token, advancing its state to match a successful code.

This means:

  • You need support on the server side/identity provider, and
  • The reader cannot decode for you.

Thanks Phil,

Still in progress, but its looking like the reader doesn’t have the particular protocol for the fob (it has every other protocol though). At the moment I’m hoping the reader is outputting as if it was a rolling code when in fact it is just getting confused. Now to source the correct reader…