Ribbon Chart Data Query Issue


I am using an XY chart to display a ribbon chart that shows uptime/downtime of a machine.

I am trying to use a dropdown to show data from the past day or past week based on selected option. Right now when I use the drop down to change the min/max values of the range the XY chart axis are updated but the data is not re-queryed. That is until I either press the load component button or make a new selection on the dropdown. It is almost as if the range for the query is lagging by one selection.

So I tried to use the log to check the order that events are happening.

First the dropdown is From past day to Past week
Then the query updates. Here you can see it has the correct range but it is still returning 0 results (which would be correct for past day)
Then the series is built which is how the XY gets the data.

Now a second issue which I am not sure is connected is that you can see the Query and Series building occur again immediately. I am not sure why. Also this second time it happens does not affect what is actually being displayed in the Ribbon Chart.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Can you PM me your view and some of your sample data that you’re querying? I’m the author of the ribbon chart.

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