Right click menu not showing

I’m sure it’s something simple I’m doing wrong.

Here is the event handler tied to the mouse clicked event:

if event.button == event.BUTTON1: app.breaker.operate(event) else: menu = app.breaker.getContextMenu() menu.show(event)
and here is app.breaker.getContextMenu()

[code]def getContextMenu():
import system,app

open the breaker screen

def breaker(event):
import system,app
system.nav.openWindow(‘BreakerControl’, {‘Device’ :‘devicename’, ‘Site’ : ‘Southeast’})

Finally, create the actual popup menu and return it

contextMenu = system.gui.createPopupMenu([“Breaker”],[breaker])

return contextMenu[/code]

The problem is that the event is not a popup trigger. The mouseReleased event for Windows is a popup trigger for example. However, you can force the menu to show up even on events that are not popup triggers by doing the following:menu = app.breaker.getContextMenu() menu.show(event, event.x, event.y)Hope this helps.

Thanks Travis,

That did it.