Right Justify Label Text

Thought this would be simple…how to I right justify text in a Label?

  1. Right-click the Label and select Customizers > Style Customizer.
  2. Select Data Quality as the driving property (although you could set your own custom property to driver this if you’d like).
  3. Select “Horizontal Alignment” as the Styled Property.
  4. Click the + button in the lower right of the window to add a new style.
  5. If you leave the value as 0, then this style will be applied while your Label has a Good quality.
  6. In the Preview area, use the dropdown to select an alignment value which suits your needs.

In this screenshot, I’ve used Data Quality to drive the appearance, but I could also have used my alignment custom property.

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Or alternatively, you could just make sure that you are displaying all of the available properties for the label so that Layout > Horizontal Alignment is in the property editor and select “Right”. I’ll let you decide which is easier.


I’m deleting the two replies about the anchor problem because it’s not an anchor problem, it was a user problem :slight_smile: