Right/Left functions in action item expression?

Is there a way to do a right/left function (much like the way you can in SQL) on an OPC item in an expression? I’ve got a 14 character OPC string I’d like to compare to an 11 character string on the SQL server. It would be nice if I could do “If (LEFT({RunNumber}),3 <> ({Campaign}), 1,0)” But from what I can see, I have to send “RunNumber” to the SQL table and then bring it back into FSQL through a SQL query and compare it to “Campaign” that way.

Never mind, I did exactly what I said would be the alternative and it works just fine.

I think you can do everything you want using the substring function. For example, left 3:


Or right 3…


Not exactly as clean as left/right would be, but functionally the same.


Thanks Colby, I might use that instead.

Ok I just tried that, it works great! You guys are awesome. I love this forum.