RISC-V Senior Design


So I’m doing my senior design project next semester at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and the whole RISC-V ISA has peaked my interest. I’ve purchase some hardware to play with: A FPGA board from Future Electronics, and an Arduino-type board from SiFive. I would love some insight/opinions on this topic…ahem,ahem @pturmel, @PGriffith, @JordanCClark :wink:



Arduino?!? cough-cough-hack

I’m more of a Propeller guy, myself… https://www.parallax.com/catalog/microcontrollers/propeller.

One of my ‘one of these days’ projects was to make a Prop plate for a Raspi. All the realtime processing on the prop, with storage / opc / development on the Pi. Yep… one of these days…

Did you have a project in mind?

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I don’t have a specific project in mind just yet, still got my feelers out. I have some assembly and Verilog experience, but I’m still a little green. I’ve ordered two books on risc-v, one on the architecture and one on the assembly language. The SiFive website has a portal to design your own custom cores for their processor, which seems neat. I’m still in the thought experiment phase right now, no hard ideas. My plan is to study the risc-v implementation, find a niche that would benefit from its ISA, design a custom core, develop the hardware on the fpga, and possibly make a prototype pcb. Most likely I won’t be able to afford having the custom core manufactured, so I will have it in the design but use the standard core for the real thing. Also, since you had such a reaction to the mention of Arduino, from now on I am going to end all my replies to your posts with the word Arduino :joy:



I’m too lazy busy to mess with arduinos, though the lilypad looks awfully cool. I think something is wrong with @JordanCClark’s geek affinity scale.

It’s been thirty years since I did anything with gate array technology, so any suggestions I make would undoubtedly undershoot the state of the art.

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My wife just says there something wrong with me in general. Usually with the phrase “You’re so special”…

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My in-laws like to trade names for Christmas. I was asked about things that I would like, so I said a Raspberry Pi to run RetroPi. I got some strange looks so I know the feeling :sweat_smile: In case you guys are interested, I will post project updates. My FPGA board is due to be in today :smiling_imp:
Also, Arduino.



-sigh- I’ve created something evil… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, let us know how things progress. I always like seeing friends get ahead in fun stuff.

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Please do keep us apprised… brings back ancient memories. (:



I haven’t been able to play with my FPGA just yet, I had to jump through several hoops to get the free license for programming. So mulling over some ideas, I’m thinking about incorporating risc-v processors with Hex-Five security, and freeRTOS to implement an idea of a secure IOT network of some sort. I don’t have to create something groundbreaking, but it needs to be a sound concept. Any insight into this from a security, hardware, or software perspective?