Robot not moving mouse?

I’m working on a spaghetti code hellscape of a project that needs to be tested. Refactoring is a non-starter as it would be a massive overhaul and the project is currently already in production, so I am trying to make a java.awt.Robot.

Right now I am just trying to get it to be able to navigate between the different screens when triggered via a client event script (Control + O if that matters). Here is my script

import java.awt.Robot


	"Overview": (500, 500),
	"Privleged Access": (500, 600)

rob = java.awt.Robot()

def goToWindow(window):
	Goes to a specific window via bottom navigation.
		window: str, which window do you want to go to?
		None, moves mouse and clicks button, or throws KeyError if bad window name
	print "going to window %s"%(window)
	x, y = WINDOW_SELECT_PIXELS[window]
	print "x and y coordinates are %i, %i"%(x, y)
	rob.mouseMove(x, y)

and in my client event script I am calling goToWindow("Overview"). I see my print statements but my mouse does not move nor do I get an error (which I was previously from a typo) so I don’t think I have anything wrong in my script, but the mouse is not moving. What am I missing here? Using 7.9.9.

Could it be a java permission issue? I know on MacOS I need to explicitly give Java permission to control the mouse (aka - accessibility).

I thought maybe it would be something like that, but I don’t know where I would set the permissions. I tried this on my local Ignition (8.0.16) and it did work, and I just did a regular installation, no other permissions set.

Perhaps the VM I am working in for the above question did have permissions changed though. Any idea what I would need to change?

Sorry, I don’t, but maybe others with more VM experience will chime in.

My “solution” was just making the gateway/projects visible to my host OS and running it from there, where it now works as expected.