Roc 801 Addressing Help

Looking for help on connecting a Roc 801 controller to ignition.

We don’t have a driver for Fisher ROC.

If they support Modbus, which I don’t think they do… the manual should have the register mapping somewhere.

If not you’ll need to use something like KEPServerEX and make an OPC UA connection to it once you’ve configured it there.

Ok i have a roc 809l that is connected and has a false alarm showing in ignition. Looking in the ignition on the tag it says {opc}{opc path}.39 so im confused on how to find that address in the roc.

I know ROC supports modbus. I think there is a spot that you have to go in and tell it which internal addresses you want to port over to modbus addresses. Its kind of clunky, but you should be able to find in a manual or by calling roc.

Great thanks for the input