Rockwell Firmware Compatibility


How do I know what firmware version of drivers are compatible with certain versions of Rockwell PLC’s? I tried flashing a 1769-L32E to a version 20.18 and Ignition would not communicate with it. I had to back it down to 20.14. I will be growing the system and want to flash these PLC’s up to newer. I will be upgrading Ignition from 7.5.11 to 7.9.14

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The “legacy” CompactLogix and ControlLogix driver (the only options back in 7.5) only work up to 20.15 I think.

In firmware v21 they disabled direct memory access and implemented a new API for accessing tags. Then in later versions of 20.xx they also disabled direct memory access but did not provide the new API; only the old and much slower symbolic access is available.

The new Logix driver introduced in 7.7 can be used for these later 20.xx versions and all 21+ firmwares.


I can confirm the following with the driver introduced in 7.7:

  • Logix Driver >= 20.12
  • Legacy Driver <= 20.11

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